Why You Need a Smile Makeover

Have you ever felt the need to hide your smile when meeting new people or taking pictures? Do you often cover your mouth when talking or laughing? Your smile is the first impression you make on the world, and if you are embarrassed to share it you may be missing out on many opportunities afforded to people with bright, confident smiles.

A smile makeover could be the solution you are seeking to improve your smile and build your confidence. In as little as one dental visit, cosmetic dental treatments can improve both the quality and appearance of your smile. If you suffer from any of the following, a smile makeover may be the answer for you:

  • You have teeth that appear yellow, stained or discolored.
  • Your teeth are crooked or misaligned.
  • You have large gaps between your teeth, or have teeth that are completely missing.
  • Your teeth are marred by cracks, chips, or other damage caused by decay.
  • You suffer from a “gummy smile” as a result of teeth that appear too short, revealing excessive gum line.
  • Your teeth have become dingy or worn down with age and wear.

All of the problems listed can be corrected with a smile makeover. Teeth whitening, bonding, dental veneers, dental implants, or orthodontia can be used to address your specific dental needs. Based on the recommendations of your dentist, you may opt for just one or two treatments, or a total mouth restoration.

If you dream of a day when you no longer cringe when asked to “say cheese” for the camera, it’s time to contact a cosmetic dentist to learn more about the benefits of a smile makeover. A qualified dental professional can perform a total mouth evaluation and recommend a combination of treatments to achieve the results you desire. Once completed, your smile makeover will give you a beautiful smile you will be proud to share with the world.

We look forward to seeing you in our Newport Beach dental office